Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raidy, Yoggy, Bloggy

 We've been working on 25ToGC for a few weeks after clearing the normal mode, and Northrend Beasts will die soon. I think.  As I write this, I'm currently on the wait list and listening to attempts in Vent. Was sat since my internet today + the server lag we've had the last few days = fail, but it's alright. I can be a sexy tree out here by the vendors.

In other progress though, our late night 10 Ulduar group has been regularly making it to Yogg even though it's largely an alt group. This week, we had a fresh night to work on it and teach all us newbies the fight.

Oh look, he's dead!

I think that only one piece of loot even went for an offspec, but that's okay... The fight was fun once I knew what I was doing =D

Been working on Hallow's End, but Khiow is still short a squashling, Khilana short a toothpick, and Khite needs to do the grindy stuff and find a squashling.

Finally, some news about the future of this blog. Currently, the druid, resto in particular, area of the blogosphere (Yes, I think I made that word up. Bite me) has an amazing set of writers and a large selection of blogs. The negative side to that is a large majority of the posts I get ideas for have been done several times over. For example, the day after some 3.3 patch notes were released and the T10 models posted, half the druid blogs on my blog roll had similar posts about them. They were all a bit different, and unique to their writers, but still the same topic. Leadership however, the other area I have been blogging about, is something I'm getting almost no inspiration about as I'm no longer in a leadership position =)

So, with all of that, this blog, as you've seen recently, is going to be much more a blog about my personal adventures in game. I still will have some druid, raiding, or general leadership posts from time to time, but not as often.

And now, the secret! All of that said, I believe I have found an area of the WoW blogging community that has been touched on very little and that I feel I know a good bit about. I'm attempting to get it fully set up and some basic posts up before I start referring people that way, but keep an eye out =)

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