Friday, November 6, 2009

3.3 Bucket List

(Because Cataclysm is still too long off)

1. Take a breather. Raiding is pretty hectic right now, and with the vast majority of it being in ToC, also very redundant. Current schedule looks like
  • Tuesday - 9pm to 12 pm - Khiow - 25 VoA if we own it, 25 Ony, and 25 ToC (heroic if we have the right group)
  • Wednesday - 9 to 12 - Khiow - 25 ToGC (possibly normal if we didn't do Tuesday), or 25 Ulduar HM (if we don't have the group for heroic)
  • Thursday - 9 to 12 - Khiow - Cleanup: 25 ToGC or/then 25 Ulduar typically
  • Thursday - 12:30 to 2:30 - Khite or Khiow - 10 ToC 
  • Friday - 12:30 to 3:30 - Khite - 10 Ulduar typically through Hodir
  • Saturday - 12:30 to 3 - Khite - 10 Ulduar through General 
  • Sunday - 7 to  9 - Khite or Khiow (whichever didn't go Thurs) - 10 ToC
  • Sunday - 10 - 12:30 - Khite - 25 ToC
  • Sunday - 12:30 to 2 - Khite - 10 Ulduar Yoggy Yogg Yogg
Unless we missed a night in Ulduar and are heading in for Yogg, I've deliberately made sure that I have nothing scheduled for Mondays. So far, working alright. However, even with that, I'm running (or trying to run) ToC 4-5 times a week. Ready for Icecrown like you would not believe -.-

2. Sell off any BoE epics and blues. Why? Even though ToC5 helped to lower the values of most BoEs, Icecrown5 is going to absolutely destroy the market. Do you really expect someone to pay 900g for a 213 epic when they can go farm an instance for 219 items? So far, doing pretty well. I've cleaned out my stock of Tankards o' Terror in the past week or so, and made a decent profit outa the deal.

3. Finish out my Red Proto Drake reqs on Khiow. Missing 15 achievements, but 5 of those are Occ. If I can bribe/blackmail a few friends into helping, could have that done in a few days at most.

4. Finish Northrend Loremaster. Just need Borean, but bleh.

5. Get my Crusader title. Just need to do like a week of dailies to have it, but blech.

6. Clear 25ToGC!

7. Hit 80 on at least Khilana. I'd like to have Dex up there as well, but with raiding on 2 characters, I'm not sure how possible that will be.

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