Friday, November 6, 2009

LF Guild: Let's App!

Before we get going, if you haven't, check out my first post about joining a guild here. That covers some details of what exactly may be looked at on your character, and so some things you can do BEFORE applying to improve your chances.

First, make sure that you've read the guild's rules. Spend some time poking around their website for any other information that's available. In addition to being very very important information, these may also give you a heads up if the guild is right for you. Speak with an officer or other long term guild member if you have any questions.

Make sure that you are geared appropriately for the content that they are working on. If you're a fresh 80, don't app to a guild that's progressing through 25ToGC. You're going to do nothing but embarrass yourself and frustrate the members of that raiding team. *Occasionally, you'll come across a guild that is so desperate to find a certain class or spec that they're willing to take the time to gear them up. If you're lucky enough to find such a need, be prepared to work your butt off and earn your place. However, NEVER assume this is the case unless it's explicitly stated.*

Now, to the fun part =D

Copy the application questions and paste them into a word processor of your choice. It helps to answer them all here, and then once you're finished, submit it through whatever process you were asked to. If it's a fill in the blank webform, just paste your answers in. If you were asked to e-mail the finished app to an officer, paste the entire thing (questions and answers).

Treat your guild application like a job application. Remember, you're trying to show them that you would be a valuable member for their raiding team.

Fill out each and every question completely. If there's a question that you are unable to answer, at least explain why. Remember, more detail is better than less.

8) We require full personal buffs for progression raids. What consumables (flasks, potions, stat foods) do you use in raids?

This, is a bad answer. Good answer to the same question?

8) We require full personal buffs for progression raids. What consumables (flasks, potions, stat foods) do you use in raids?
I use Flask of the Frost Wyrm, warlock firestone, Fel Armor, Fish Feast (if one isn't provided then Firecracker Salmon)

Make it a priority to log out in your raiding gear and spec. If you apply to a high end raiding guild as a mage, and constantly log out in your PvP gear, they're eventually going to tire of trying to catch you at the right time and just move on to the next applicant.

Be honest! Most questions on your app have ways of being verified, and lies can get very very nasty when the truth comes out.

One very common question is about guild histories. Here, you want to be honest, but not gossipy. If you left your previous guild because you and the GM got into a screaming fight in vent, a good way to word your reasoning for leaving might be "Unresolvable difference of opinion with leadership." If you're specifically asked for more info, then provide it, but keep things polite. A general guideline, try to keep it something that would not destroy your relationships with any former guild mates if they were to see it.  Showing that you can treat everyone with respect, even those you don't get along with, can be a good plus for any applicant.
If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you probably have come across some of my posts about the very ugly implosion of Narrschkeit. Even though there were hard feelings on both side after I finally left, I did my very best in my app to not talk shit about them.
With Khiow, only former guild was Narrschkeit. It essentially came down to the fact that my goals for the raiding group and guild at a whole were very different from most of the other officers and a large chunk of the raiders. 

 Another common question is in regards to references/guild members that can vouch for you. Read such a question very very carefully. If it is simply asking if there is anyone that has run with you before, feel free to list anyone that you remember. However, most forms will ask for someone that can provide a reference. Just like a job application, they're looking for someone that can tell them honest, but good things about you. Always always always ask before putting a player's name down.
For example, Resurgence recently had an app where the player put down several names in his 'Vouch For Me' question, and at least 2 of those commented on the thread stating that the only times they had ever run with the app they were absolutely terrible and had an awful attitude. Didn't do much for his odds methinks =\

Now, you've answered all the questions, spellchecked the entire form, proofread it for any stupid typos. You're almost ready to send in your totally awesome application of doom.


Are you in a guild right now? Unless it's just a bank guild, there's something you should consider. It's always going to depend on the specific situation, but if you want to do your best not to burn your bridges, I believe it's a very good idea to speak with your guild leader or another officer before submitting an application elsewhere. Do your best to speak with a very reasonable and level headed player when at all possible. Let them know basically why you no longer wish to be in your current guild, tell them that you have been looking and you're planning to apply to a different guild, and explain that you are letting them know so that they have some info on what's happening and can start making any preparations they need to.
For example, if you're the main tank of your 25m guild, that raiding team needs as much advanced notice as possible to start shuffling players and gear in order to have someone ready to fill that vital role once you are no longer there.
 Now, your turn! What are some things you've run into as an applicant or as a guild member that can help/hurt in the application process?

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  1. One note: If you do frequently log out in PVP or RP or gimmick or ironforge or DPS or whatever gear, one thing you can do is link, in /addition to/(NEVER IN PLACE OF) your armory, a link to a character profile site such as a WoWhead Profile or or that shows your current PvE progression gear.