Sunday, October 4, 2009

Update and teh Alcohol

Biggest news is I finally left my guild... I really like many of the people in , and that's one of the reasons I left quite a few alts including my 80 DK in guild. I spent about a week really researching other raiding guilds on our server, and several caught my eye. 

Last Sunday a friend in   asked me to come heal their 10m Ulduar alt run. Apparently they've been low on trees, and I made a pretty good impression, as the GM contacted my friend a few days later and asked him to convince me to apply. Made me a very very happy tree, especially as that was my first choice guild. Of course, the pressure's really on now, especially as I don't have a single piece of gear above Ulduar 10, and they're working on Uld 25 HM and ToGC 25. 

In other news...

Khiow finished up the Brewfest achievement earlier today. I piddled around and skipped several days worth of dailies, but made it fine. Now if only I could actually win a mount >.>

Khite hit 80, farming some heroics, but as a raid slot for her in the near future is very unlikely, that's not a priority right now.

Khilana, my former main, was faction changed and transferred over to Stonemaul earlier this weekend. Going to be leveling her mainly solo, so that will likely be my 3rd 80.

Delorixie, now the gnomeless mage, also was FC and transferred, and planning to level her alongside my father's Death Knight. He's 68, and pretty proud of it, as that's the highest he's ever gotten a character ^.^

Thanks to some friends that were in need of AD rep, Khisha finally got past the hell that is mid 50s, and has been making her way through Outland. I've got a leveling buddy there as well, but friend's tree and I are making pretty quick progress.

Spent a good amount of gold on various characters this week, so attempting to make that back. Considering dropping mining on Dex and picking up inscription, but I think I'll wait till Khilana get's her alchemy maxed.

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