Monday, August 3, 2009

3.2 Incoming! Part 2: Loot

In this post, I will ONLY be covering loot that may be of interest to a raiding resto or balance druid. Please let me know if you find any broken links, errors, or whatnot.

As these are not live items, I will be linking them to their MMO Champion page for the time being. This post will likely be updated to WoWHead links once the patch is live. (Anyone perhaps know how to get it to instead show up in the WoWHead popup screen?)

Some item models & names will be different for Horde and Alliance, but the stats and bosses should be the same. Horde versions will be my links.

Cloth items will be included. Loot will be basically sorted, but don't ignore the other spec's list as you may find something of interest there. Anything that well itemized for both specs will be under Resto.

Trial of the Champion

This is the new 5 man instance located in the Argent Coliseum at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. Even though it is a 5 man, this instance drops all epics.

Normal mode:
Gaze of the Somber Keeper
Binding of the Tranquil Glade
Handwraps of Surrendered Hope
Leggings of the Haggard Apprentice
Mantle of Inconsolable Fear
The Confessor's Binding
Signet of Purity
Tears of the Vanquished

Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth
Belt of the Churning Blaze
Bindings of the Wicked
Brilliant Hailstone Amulet
Abyssal Rune

Heroic mode:
Spectral Kris
Mariel's Sorrow
Gloves of Dismal Fortune
Leggings of the Snowy Bramble
Embrace of Madness
Symbol of Redemption

Barkhide Treads
Boots of the Crackling Flame
Kurisu's Indecision
Sinner's Confession
Gaze of the Unknown

Trial of the Crusader

10 Man Normal:
Sunreaver Disciple's Blade
Mace of the Earthborn Chieftain
Helm of the High Mesa
Pauldrons of the Glacial Wilds
Belt of the Bloodhoof Emissary
Legwraps of the Demonic Messenger

Lightbane Focus
Sunreaver Magus' Sandals
Looming Shadow Wraps
Felspark Bracers

Talisman of Heedless Sins
Skyweaver Vestments
Boots of the Icy Floe
Breeches of the Deepening Void
Belt of Biting Cold
Dark Essence Bindings
Shroud of Displacement
Reign of the Dead

25 Man Heroic:
*Same as 10mH - Missing items, buffed from normal*
Robes of the Shattered Fellowship
Sandals of the Mourning Widow

Shroud of Displacement

Emblems of Triumph

Mask of Abundant Growth
Epaulets of the Fateful Accord
Hood of Clouded Sight
Mantle of Revered Mortality
Heartmender Circle
Band of the Invoker
Talisman of Resurgence
Idol of Flaring Growth

Hood of Smoldering Aftermath
Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation
Shard of the Crystal Heart
Idol of Lunar Fury

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