Monday, August 3, 2009

3.2 Incoming! Part 3: Fun Stuffs!

And now we head back to the tournament. For those that have reached their Crusader title (Exalted Champion of the Horde/Alliance), a new vendor will become available. Dame Evniki Kapsalis has many new and exciting items that just to happen to cost a branch and a root in Champion's Seals.

Perhaps the most interesting item she offers is the Argent Pony Bridle. This allows your little squire to be very helpful once every 4 hours... He can open your bank, a vendor, or your mailbox. MMOChampion currently reports that he can also provide access to the AH, but that is not currently what the PTR shows. Would be great if that is available as well though =)

Don't forget a new boss is being added to the Vault of Archavon! PTR testing says he's pretty difficult... Same as Emalon, don't expect to beat him with a pug too soon after launch.

The achievements for several new holidays should be released with this patch, though we will likely not find out much more about the events until closer in time. Looks like the first of these would be encountered on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Sept 19.

Keep an eye out for Northrend Children's Week... After all, who doesn't want a pet Oracle or Frenzyheart? You'll want to locate Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran and see what you can do to help out.

Oh, wait. You need more pets? Hmm. In that case, you might want to start hunting down varioud raptors around the world, especially those rare elites. Current gnome reports have found several baby raptors can be looted and learned from those.

Currently, there's some confusion about the new heirloom items. MMO Champion reports that they can be purchased with Champion's Seals OR Badges of Heroism, but other sources say only Champion's Seals. As badges are much easier to obtain, I'm really hoping they are available through both.

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