Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For as long as I can remember, progression means bigger numbers. You didn't do TK until you had cleared Kara.

However, with LK, that seems it may have changed some... We've been progressing through Naxx 25, and doing very well, but attendance has pretty well halted raids for about a month now. So instead of clearing 2-3 wings in Heroic Naxx, we go and kill 10m Razorscale.

Officers are stressed, raiders that show up are getting disappointing, and those that don't show are annoyed because we are starting Ulduar without them.

But I'm thinking... Why does progression have to be through 25s? We don't have the numbers right now willing to put forth the time and effort, and if we can get a 10 together to go learn Ulduar, why not?

Just some food for thought, mostly my own.

Perhaps time to poke the GL though...

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