Monday, May 4, 2009

Drood Choppa! & Attack of teh Real Lifes!

Flame Lev dead several times over, pretty easy but fun fight. Razorscale whipped our tail, Ignis just wouldn't quite die, and we didn't even think about XT.

Dual spec is win. Ulduar 10/almost 25 geared resto, Maly 25 geared boomkin, and I even get to pick which I want sometimes 0.0 Now if I could just quit pulling agro from the tank...

Argent tournament is totally cool, but I haven't been keeping up with it.... Going to find someone that's dumb enough to trade a tree for a stupid bird.

Real post coming sometime tomorrow after I've had more than 5 hours of sleep a night...

Also, reasons for the slow update if anyone is curious >.<

Work fun - Check - Mandatory overtime, stressful 'reorganization', differences of opinion with management... Not to forget actually working.

Family fun - Check - Nearly needed to take a week off to head to Dallas. Brother has poison ivy bad enough that hospitalization was considered. Sister spent most of Tuesday in the ER for possible appendicitis, thankfully 'only' a severe bladder infection. Mom has the flu, and for some reason they decided to test her for swine flu. Great grandmother broke her hip a little over a week ago, just to round out the excitement.

WoW fun - Check - Now an officer... *gulp* People aren't showing for raids, people are putting grays in the guild bank, some of the officers permissions are messed up and they cannot put things on the calendar. Argh.

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