Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farming as a Tree (Perhaps Part 1?)

For those of us that like to heal things to death, having all we need for raids and such can get to be very tiresome. Unless you have a sugar daddy, or an alt to farm with, you likely know the pain of having to farm what you need for tomorrow night's raid. I went ahead and put together a list of various farming spots and types that might come in useful for other's. While some of this is going to apply to all healers, several of the spots I mentioned are more geared towards druid farming, but take what you will =)

If you have any suggestions, questions, or if anyone knows how to make WoWHead links do that cool popup thing, please drop me a note ^.^

- Unbound Dryad in Crystalsong Forest

Just north (or south for Ally) are the Crystalsong camps. You can sell, repair, take the flight path.
They drop small amounts of trash. I've gotten Frostweave, Potions, a surprising amount of greens, the standard food/drink, but very little vendor junk. The vendor trash I have gotten is largely the typical Fur Clothing Scraps, which are easy to deal with.
The drop rate on the potions is very good for pretty easy mobs.
This is close to both Dalaran and Naxx... With epic flying, I can be at either in about 2 minutes, so nice for those 15 minutes while the RL is desperately trying to find a mage.
They're level 78ish, and hit like it. Easy to kill, and no strange debuffs or attacks to worry about.
No one else farms these. Guildy was surprised that there actually were mobs in Crystalsong.

Don't like:
No mailbox at the camps.
This is not an AoE farming area, and there are often large gaps between each Dryad. As a druid, this is not as big of an issue as for a class that has to spend time mounting, but it can get tiresome.
Until you learn the spawn areas, you're likely to spend some time locating each Dryad.

Watch out for the elites. They're elite. Nuff said. (Though they do drop lifes, if you're feeling masochistic.)

Elixirs/Flasks - Find an elixir specced friend and buy the herbs. Sadly, there's no fun mob that happens to drop Flask of the Frost Wyrm on every other kill.

Food - Shoveltusk Flanks for Tender Shoveltusk Steak - In Howling Fjord, just NW of New Agamaganamanaramagan (spelling much?) are packs of shoveltusk. The most time efficient way I found to farm these was to pull the aggressive ones solo (or duo) and then use Barkskin/Hurricane in the middle of one of the packs. Rinse and repeat, Barkskin's ready to go again for each AoE.

Repair monies - Siren's Tear - Yes, you read correctly. This little baby is a resto druid's dream. To start, you will need to do two quests: Learning to Communicate and Winterfin Commerce to unlock the vendor (Ahlurglgr) that you can exchange 100 Winterfin Clams for 1 Siren's Tear. After that, start farming away. The clams in the evil murloc camp (Western side of the bank) are very easy to farm, but I found myself getting a bit ahead of the respawn timer as I got quicker at identifying spots. If that happens, just drop into the water, hit seal form, and farm a few from the shelves in there.

Unlike everyone else that has to run, kill, loot, mount, run, kill, etc etc, we can just swoop in, ninja the clam, and fly off into the sunset. They sell for about 200g depending on your server, and I can farm one in about 15 minutes.

Dailies - Sientina over on World of Matticus made a post about dailies for healers that don't involve killing. I personally get tired of doing the same quests over and over, but until dual spec, this is an excellent list for those of us who like to see health bars go up instead of down ^.^

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