Tuesday, March 17, 2009


3 of my favorite screenshots, since servers are down and I have nothing better to do =)

Work's been a pain this week, so no actually informative stuffs atm, but hopefully this will be fun.

And no laughing at my UI! >.>

'Twas the night before 3.0, and all through Azeroth, not a creature was stirring, not even... Oh, wait. Wrong season >.< The Last Gruul kill before all of the big changes. Yes, I'm dead. No, I'm not the only one. That's 15 seconds left before shutdown. Tank is nearly dead. Gruul's at 1%.

We got our loot in the mail a week later ^.^

Some people got bored... and kited half of SMV to Shat. Most of them got taken down very (very) quickly, but there was one little hitch in the genocide...

One quest out in SMV has you kill Varedis. He has the fun little ability of going completely immune at 50%, until you use the quest item.

Completely immune to the point where A'dal is not able to pwn his face }=D

Anyone who was a BC herbalist likely knew the agony... Kazzak and his blasted Nightmare Vine that's RIGHT THERE!!!

So, with a bit of planning, and a rogue sacrifice, we ninja'd it.

He still got both of us, but not until I had gotten that stupid herb. We were both giggling in vent the entire time, and rather proud of our little accomplishment ^.^

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