Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Refer A Friend: Meh

Well, so far, the most important thing I've learned with Refer a Friend is that warriors really aren't for me. We're level 17 and I'm just about ready to delete the character entirely. Questing sucks, instances are worse, and I'm just really not enjoying it.


I'm thinking I'm going to leave the warrior at 30 and work on something else, but everyone keeps saying it gets better... eventually. Gimme a timeframe here people =P

I'm having more fun getting myself and the brother killed though... Lava, zeppelins, water, cute fuzzy monsters that rip you to shreds.

Also, do your class quests when they become available. Even if it looks stupid and like something you can do later on, you'll get experience for it on level and won't get to level 16 and realize that you don't even have a blasted taunt.

Not that I speak from experience or anything.


  1. What spec are you? Something as simple as changing spec could do the trick. I am a prime example of it :) I tried several times to level a warrior as prot and it just wasn't fun for me. I gave arms a try... I had a blast!

    Barring that, however, maybe you're right and warrioring just isn't for you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

  2. @Anea I don't think spec probably makes much of a difference at this point, but I've tried a bit of all three on my level 28ish warrior that's since gone bye-bye.

  3. I hate being a warrior. Yep.

  4. Yeah, I've never been able to get into playing a warrior either. I've tried, but it just feels....weird to me.

  5. Dude! I started a warrior too, a draenei. I got her to maybe level... 14? I was in Bloodmyst Island/Isle/Whatever it is. And I was just like... this is so. boring. Melee, melee, hit an attack that waits...waits... and then on the swing, hit! and then some more melee. Bluh. Haeted it.