Monday, April 19, 2010

I Blame Koris

Who's Koris you ask? Well, let me explain a little.

In this lovely screenshot (don't judge my UI back then) we have Koris trying to drag Ignis back to our afk group at the top of his ramp. As you can probably tell, he's not going to make it much further. This is an example of a Koris of the facepulling, aggro stealing, tanking with a level 13 green shield variety. He's the pocket-tank I talk about from time to time, even though his main spec is facesmashing.

By now, you're probably asking yourself "So what did Koris do THIS time?" Do not fear good readers, I shall explain.

In all honesty, it's not entirely Koris's fault. I logged on at midnight to just clean up some auction stuff, and 3 friends suckered me into joining them for a few heroics. They're all collecting badges and gear for Koris's Herald of the Titans run, and I still needed several achievements for my Glory of the Hero, so it was a good plan.

After a few runs, and a few achievements later, they were stopping because Koris had set up a 10 Ulduar hardmode group to go collect them some more gear for Herald. I offered to take my little druid, since she could use the gear and achievements, and was soon in raid. I casually mentioned that if we just so happened to get to Mim and Yogg, I'd like to bring in my big druid since those were the only two HMs I needed for my Rusted, but didn't think much of it. It was already 1 am, and I didn't think we'd mow through the other bosses fast enough for people to want to do Firefighter and Yogg+1 that late.

Boy... that'll teach me not to underestimate the sleep deprivation of raiders again. After slaughtering XT, someone pips up with the suggestion to go kill Algalon. Now, I realize he's old news to quite a few, but I've never even seen the boss before. Quickly switch to big druid, and listen to instructions while not panicking about what my framerate is going to do during this fight. So of course we one-shot him and very nearly get the no-deaths achievement.

Swapped back to little druid, and we skipped our way through the next bosses. It was my first time being in Freya's room with an herbalist, and let me just say, holy hell. That's a lot of flowers. By this point, it's closing in on 4am, and I'm expecting us to just do normal for the final 3 bosses. But nooooo, mister raidleading Koris announces that we're gonna do Firefighter, so I switch druid's again.

Firefighter, with credit for Champion of Ulduar. /flex

I've blogged before about my special problems with Yogg. Fortunately, tonight, the clouds decided to behave. No DC's, no stupid people, no surprises. 9 minutes later, he was dead and 5 months after we first started on it, I finally had my Glory of the Ulduar Raider done.

But like I said, it's all Koris's fault. Without him, last night I would have just logged on, done auctions, and gone to sleep at a reasonable hour. Instead, my little druid is well on her way to Champion of Ulduar, over halfway done with her rusted proto, and picked up several pieces of gear. As for my big druid, only missing 3 for my red proto, 2 bosses for Champion of Uld, and is now . Oh right, this too.

<3 Koris

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