Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Elder Blogging Event

For the last in game holiday, The Physician's Log set up a fun little event for us bloggers. Taking a page from her book, I've got an idea for the current holiday, the Lunar Festival. I probably wouldn't have thought of this without her setting that up, so send her some cookies =)

One of the big parts of this holiday in-game has characters traveling the world to find various elders and pay them a little respect. In return, they pass on a few words that might be wisdom, and you continue on your way. Similarly, we bloggers have the opportunity on a regular basis to share a bit of advice, but it's often directed toward those that already have some experience in our area.

So for this Lunar Festival, I have a bit of a challenge for you: Write something directed not at those that have months or years of experience, but for those that are just getting started.

You're the Elder. Pretend you're smart for a few days =P

 Who can join in?
Anyone that has a Warcraft blog =) And hey, maybe you'll even end up with a few more followers by the end of this shindig!

When is this happening?
 Starting right now. You've got almost 2 weeks to write something up and get it published, but I do ask that you have sent me the link to your post by noon CST on March 7th. I'm going to try and have the big post of links to everyone that participated up by that evening.

What exactly do I do?
Post 10 tips for those level 10 mages that are just now trying to figure out what that strength wand does. Write a several page essay on how beginning tanks can kick butt in a dungeon. Pass on a few sentences of advice for someone that's just now getting started in the blogging community. Anything and everything can be covered! Length and content  is up to you, just try to direct it at someone who's a newbie.

Okay, it's written. Now what?
Post it! =)
Somewhere in your post, please include a link back to either this post or the Blog Azeroth topic so that anyone else that's interested can find out more. Once your post is up, send me a link as a comment here or at the BA forum, or as a DM on Twitter.

Unlike The Physician's Log, I'm not talented enough to offer shiny prizes, but you will get your name and blog linked for others to find it =) Free publicity's always good, right?

Questions? Comments? Do I need to explain anything more?


  1. Elder Psynister, reporting for duty.

  2. *brain is storming* 0:) Thanks for the event Khi! I'm excited!

  3. Hmm, I'll have to get to work on this.

  4. Elder-in-Training Edainne ready to go!


    Thanks for the wonderful event idea =)

  5. Okay, I've finally gotten my post done for this, sorry it took so long.


    Thanks for a great event!

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  7. Here is mine, predictably for PvP/Battlegrounds:


    Great idea! Thanks, Khi!

  8. Ignore my post above I accidently deleted, here it is again.

    Here is mine for mages. Clearly my blog is in its infant stages, but thanks for doing this so I have a goal to write about:


  9. Here is my post, on my completely new blog (don't look at the layout, it's still a work in progress) :


    I'm a bit late, it took me a lot of time to get all the pictures ready.