Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Yogg is Still Hard When I Outgear him by a Ton

So, for anyone who's not done Yogg before, he has several phases that are all decently complicated, and that's without hardmode.

However, even though I've killed him several times over, I find phase 1 to be very very very hard sometimes.

Main goal in phase 1, don't hit the clouds. There are evil green clouds that float their way sinisterly around the room. When you touch one, it spawns an add that attempts to slaughter your raid. One probably won't be successful. If two clouds are bumped, most raids are gonna be making a corpse run.

Now, for a player that's done the fight several times, avoiding the clouds becomes fairly simple. Unless you've got a special computer.

This is where a screenshot would be great, but I'll do my best...

The clouds lie.

The clouds that show up on my screen are not in the same places that they really are. So I'll be running through empty space and causing adds to spawn, all while seeing other people running through 3-4 clouds and nothing happening.

Makes for a great attempt. >.<

Luckily, if I realize it at the beginning of the fight (IE, when I see the tank running through 3 clouds on his way to Sara) I can just hide by the door and do nothing for all of phase 1.

And really, I need to find better things to do when I've sat myself for a raid >.>

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