Monday, November 30, 2009

Recommended Reading: Week of 11-22

As I'm expecting 3.3 to hit tomorrow or next week, I've been trying to significantly lower the amount of time I've spent on WoW for the past few days... It's working, but now I'm getting bored >.>

But fortunately for us, not everyone has decided to take a break, and some interesting blog posts have been shared this week.

Many of us trees have off specs, though they might be a little less loved, the furry or feathery sides of us need attention too. Over at the Big Bear Butt Blogger, BBB posted a little guide on how to get some starting gear for a bear tank. Graylo at Grey Matter did the digging for us, and found some blue posts on the 3.3 moonkin changes, and gave us his take on the matter.

Speaking of 3.3, Lissanna over at Restokin is taking a survey to help her get a good idea of the audience before she updates her healing guide. She also posted some potential talent builds once the patch hits with some discussion on each.

Since it seems quite a few of us missed it, Blizz will be adding new Kirin Tor rings in the patch. They'll be iLvl 251, and pretty nice. While we're on the subject of new items, I did a little review of trinkets that will be available for us trees through Icecrown. Last but not least on the subject of 3.3 changes, a forum post over at Plus Heal has a pretty nice discussion on glyph choices.

And finally, a little fun... Keredria over at Tree of Life found a website that will figure out the personality type of your blog. Pretty cool, eh?

On a different note, though I did a pretty extensive one on 3.2, I'm not planning to do a big post or series of posts on 3.3 for trees. Just about everything has been covered somewhere, and I just don't know that I have the time right now to spend hours and hours researching and linking and writing. That said, if we end up with 18 hours of downtime and I'm just itching to do something WoW related, one might show up >.>

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