Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have a confession... I'm a bit of an alt-oholic. I like filling up my character lists with random classes and then abandoning them about 20. However, I've been pretty good lately about keeping them active (BoA gear helps a lot!) These are all my little Stonemaul pretties...

  • Sparkhi - Level 10 Mage. She was my first alt after swapping servers, but has become a auction toon. Last glance, I believe she had 13k in sold auctions in her stats. Not bad for a BE...
  • Khisha - Level 41 Lock. Her favorite pet is the VW Krappy. His name is actually Kragphog, but run with him for a while, and you'll see why he earned the name. I got bored with her about 35ish, but got into a bit of PvP (read:ganking) and started having fun again. She'll likely make it to Outlands pretty shortly after 3.2
  • Khite - Level 71 DK. Fun character that I'm enjoying tanking with, and the 450 JC doesn't hurt. Got a bit tired of her as I leveled her and the proff in about a week, so she's been gathering dust at the JC daily in Dalaran. With Cold Weather heirloom, she'll get back in action soon though.
  • Khios - Level 26 Priest. Started on her when we were having issues completing 25 Naxx because of a lack of priests, but just can't really get into the class at this level. She may be one that gets abandoned, but we'll see.
  • Sneakhi - Level 20 Rogue. Yet another that may not see the level cap... I find it strange that I love playing as a cat, but rogue just doesn't catch my fancy. Dunno what it is. However, as she does have her very own title, she may yet make it a ways.
  • Khibel - Level 14 Shaman. This one will slowly make her way to 80. I've had several shaman in the past that I've leveled to 40-50ish, so not too interesting or new at this point, but a class I enjoy all the same.
  • Khitteh - Level 20 Druid. Yep, that's right, another. She'll be dualspecced ferals as soon as she hits 40, and as much fun as I'm having right now, she may get leveled very quickly. The engineering goggles are just a plus. We'll see =)

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