Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More about me =)

I created my first druid (Khilana) sometime in April of 2005, just a few months after WoW's release. I decided that it would be fun to heal Deadmines one day, spent all my talent points (that I had been saving since level 10 *twitch*) and went for it. I stayed resto all through leveling, though I did abandon her for a while around level 35 and went and played a hunter for a bit.

Sloooooowly made my way up, BC was released, sloooooowly made my way to 70.

As a note, even if you want to level as a healer, go dreamstate. You can heal and dps. Full resto sucks. Seriously.

Got invited to a guild run of Kara about a week an a half after making it to 70, and hellooo raiding.

In BC, I raided through part of T6. I've seen most of Hyjal and BT, though I've never actually stepped into Sunwell. After a while, I got tired of healing and having 0 dps and hence no money, so I respecced feral for a while.

*insert cute witty comment about the passing of time somewhere in here* ^.~

About 3 months before 3.0 I moved to a new town and met some new people, who just so happen to be complete and total WoW geeks such as me. After a long long long time, they managed to convince me that Horde wasn't all that bad, and it was okay to play a Tauren, since I wouldn't actually have to look at myself since I had forms =)

So I made Khiow... and totally abandoned him about level 20. As a note, all of my toons have been female. They're more fun, armor looks better, and no one looks at you strangely when you /giggle. But have you ever seen a female Tauren?!?!? -.-

Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, the guild and friends that I had been playing with for years were now on a totally different schedule =( After a few weeks of logging in and seeing an offline guild and friends, I slumped back to Khiow.

A few Netherweave bags and 10g later, I decided that my new buddies weren't so bad ^.^

Khiow was leveled feral to 45, then lazer chicken to 80. 2 days after reaching 80, I got forced into a 25 Sarth/Vault run. (Thanks Ryan!) Some sexy shoulders dropped and the gear grind began all over again.

About a week back, we were working our way through 10 Naxx, and just couldn't quite 2 heal it past the Four Horsemen. So I respecced...

I'd been collecting offset gear from various instances and raids, and actually had all my Balance badge gear already purchased. Luckily, my boomkin gear is good enough to fill in those extra slots until I get an upgrade.

I've been a tree for long enough that even with the gimp gear, I've been able to heal just about anything I've attempted since then, including my first 1 drake Sarth earlier today.

Yay for junk dropping =(

My goal for this blog is partially just to have a place for people to see if they randomly click my name somewhere, but also, as a help place for new trees. I'd like to think that after all this time, I at least have a little clue ^.^

Maybe >.>

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  1. Hey, your blog is looking nice so far! I hope it continues :D