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RP: The Library

As a good chunk of you know, I've been spending some time dabbling in the RP community on Feathermoon with Arrens and Anna and such. I've been having fun, and might have gotten inspired a bit ^.^ I don't know how often it will be, but at least some of the posts going up on this blog will be RP related in the coming weeks and months. For those that aren't interested in reading such things, feel free to ignore any post that begins with "RP", but I hope you at least check it out =)

I make no promises: This isn't something I've done before, and there's no telling how it'll turn out. If you're looking for high quality stuff I'd suggest looking elsewhere =)

That said, on with the show!

There is a small shop in Stormwind, just off the canals inside the Dwarven District. The sign outside the door reads "Gnomish Mapmaking Group". Though the paint is bright and fresh, the wood itself looks old and a bit worn, and the letters have started to lose their sharp edges. The gossiping shop girls of the town might tell you a story full of action and romance, about how the owner valiantly fought legions of undead to find her one true love and bring him home safely again. The real story is in ways more boring and tragic, but that is not part of our tale at this time. Instead, tonight I'll tell you a story that begins in this very shop, and though the owner is mentioned, it's one of her boarders that shall catch our attention.

Khisha grabbed the needle with her teeth, careful to keep the tip pointing away from her. She reached down to grab the final strap of the saddle and pulled it through the loop. There. Let me just get this sewn and I'll finally be done. The Draenei grabbed the needle again with her left hand and began her careful stitches across the leather.

"Oy! Khisha, your blasted pet is getting into my herbs again!"

The hunter sighed, frowning down at her almost complete creation before draping it over the bar in front of her. She trotted down the stairs, and found an angry gnome waiting at the bottom.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think he could get in the door, or I would have just tied him instead." Khisha shrugged as they walked down the hall together. "I know he has no interest in eating your plants, Dex, but I'm still not sure why he keeps trying to get into their bags."

Delorixie glared into the room as they came to a stop. There were small sacks nailed all across one wall, maps in various stages of completion across from it, and directly across from the door was a long desk with papers strewn across the top, and shelves crammed with colored bottles underneath. The entire room smelled of old books and herbs. In the middle of it all was a long, brown crocolisk that was seemingly trying to shake a canvas bag apart with his teeth.

"I don't care why he's messing with my stuff, I just want him to quit. Keep him upstairs if ya have to." As the taller of the pair knelt down by the animal, the gnome continued under her breath. "Of course, you could always just keep him in the stable like normal hunters do." From the glare that was shot her way, Dex may not have been as quiet as she had thought.

"You know I can't right now. One call from the exarch and fifteen minutes later I'm across the continent." Khisha smiled sadly at her companion before turning back to the reptile. "Now Darwin, you know you're not allowed to be in here. Come on boy, let's get you back outside and I'll find you some lunch."

A few minutes later, the crocolisk was happily devouring a sheep flank as his master looked on. The tall Draenei was considering designs for her next saddle when the quiet was interrupted by clanging from her pocket. Khisha pulled out a round metal object, slightly larger than the palm of her hand, and pressed one of the gems embedded in the side. The sound ceased, and the projection of a male eredar appeared above the device.

"Greetings Khisha." Though the hologram wouldn't have even reached her knee, the voice came through loud and deep. "We managed to get a disk to the final member of the team this morning, and all of the others are ready."

The hunter gave a small sigh. "Understood, sir. Is the port location still the same?"

"Yes. Your group should arrive in a fairly secluded area of the monastery, but be on your guards always. The disk will activate in fifteen minutes, so make sure you are not leaving anything behind again." The young female blushed. Surely they'd eventually let her forget that incident with the bow. It wasn't like she had ever done it before or since. "I don't need to remind you to be careful. We're sending you into the middle of a Scarlet Crusade stronghold."

"Yes sir."

"Good hunting, Khisha, and walk in the Light."

The hologram went dark, and the hunter turned and started inside at a brisk walk. "Come, Darwin. We don't have much time." She glanced back to make sure the beast was following. "Dex! Where are you?"

A voice called back from the front of the shop. "I'm up here."

Khisha stepped into the 'business area' of the store and found the gnome perched precariously on a stool, trying to reach a high shelf.

"By the Light Dex, you're gonna fall again. What are you trying to grab?"

"There's a small map of the Lakeridge area. Should be edged in red, just a few inches long." The Draenei reached up, and quickly handed a scroll to her friend. "Thanks girly. What was it ya needed?" Khisha held up the metal disk, and the gnome's smile dropped. "Oh. That time, eh?"

"Yeah. I was hoping to have a few more days, but what can I do." The hunter shrugged. "At least it should be a short one."

"Be careful. I'll let Katyi know, just in case you need her when you get back." Dex leaned forward, and pulled the taller female into a brief hug. "Don't go gettin' yourself killed, ya hear?"

"Yes, mother," Khisha said with a laugh. As she started up the stairs to grab her bags, she called over her shoulder. "Thanks again for helping me get packed. We'll see you in a few days!"


Khisha glanced over her shoulder. Darwin was sniffing the air, and his tail was twitching, but he didn't seem alarmed. The hunter had found a small room off of the main hallway that seemed to be where books involving dragons were sorted. The rest of the team had moved on farther into the monastery's library, but her assignment was to dig through these tomes. As she didn't see or hear anyone down either hall, the Draenei turned back to the leather bound book in her hand.

"Black... green... Grim Batol." She sighed and shut the book, dropping it into a pile by her foot. "By the light, I just want details on the Bronze Flight or Netherstorm. None of this other elekk dung." She stepped back up to the shelf and started looking again. Khisha was brushing a bit of dust off one inscription when she heard Darwin let out a low growl. She spun around, dropping into a crouch even as she reached for her bow.

"Well well well. It seems we found ourselves a little lost alien." There were two men in crusade uniforms standing just beyond the doorway. The one that had spoken was swinging an axe by his knee, looking almost lazy. His companion was bouncing a mote of fire between fingertips as he smirked.

Khisha swallowed heavily. She reached back and grabbed three arrows out of her quiver while mentally plotting the fight. It was two against two, but she knew they'd have a much easier time getting backup. Not to mention, the small space inside the room would make things more difficult on her with the bow. Darwin was crouched at her feet and hadn't stopped growling since the crusader first spoke. If she could just get out into the hallway...

In less time than it took to draw a breath, the bulky crusader's axe was swinging towards Darwin and the other launched a jet of flame at Khisha. She threw herself to the side, and felt the heat from the explosion behind her as the magic impacted with the old, dusty books. The hunter raised herself up on one knee and launched an arrow at the mage. The head pierced his shoulder, causing the incoming fire to shoot above her head. Khisha had a second to breathe before a wall of flame caught her across the back.




Hearing a scream, she weakly rolled onto her stomach, and looked back. From where she had landed, it looked like the entire room and all of it's contents had exploded. Darwin had his teeth sunk into the thigh of the mage, and the warrior was sagged against the wall, blood pulsing from a wound in his side. Her back was screaming in agony, and she had broken at least her right arm in the fall. Khisha reached down and pulled her disk out of her front pocket and turned it to the right jewel. Red gem... Warning. She turned it once more, thumb hovering over the transportation crystal.

"Darwin!" she rasped out, holding the disk out towards the crocolisk. After one more shake, he dropped the mage, and limped toward Khisha. Her pet was only a few feet away when the warrior let out a yell. With what seemed his last burst of energy, the crusader launched his axe at the Draenei. The world seemed to slow as Khisha attempted to roll away, but the weapon was moving too quickly and she too injured. Suddenly, her view was blocked by a large mass covered in scales. She heard a wet 'thunk', and felt more than saw as Darwin landed across her back. She screamed even as she pressed the jewel on the disk and the pair was yanked through space and magic.


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  1. Absolutely amazing. Love your style and it's a great read. Very well done!