Friday, February 12, 2010

Forget the Roses, I'll be Stalking Someone

While the in game Valentines event has been going on for a bit, and in the real world, we've been overwhelmed with candy hearts for a month, the coolest Valentines event in the blogging world was started up by Dristanel over at The Physician's Log and supported by Blog Azeroth.

Basically, interested people could all go sign up by a certain deadline, and then yesterday she sent out assignments. Each of us has been assigned a blog to go stalk, and someone has been given our's. *gulps nervously*

At the end of a few days, they'll reveal themselves, and we'll have an amazing party and live happily ever after.

Okay, I might be making up that last bit >.>

But hey, this will be fun =) Keep an eye out on your fellow blogger's posts, might see some entertaining comments. And next year you can always sign up if you missed it this time around ^.~


  1. Oh my dearest Khi,

    You've lifebloomed my heart,
    And rejuv'd my soul.
    When epic loot drops,
    I'll pass for your roll.

    Your secret admirer.

  2. My dearest Khi,
    You're the loveliest tree,
    From any near or distant land.

    Perhaps with one more day,
    I'll have the courage to say,
    To finally be next to you would be so grand.

    A poet I'm not,
    But you've found my hearts soft spot,
    So for tomorrow something amazing is planned.

    <3 Always, your secret admirer.

  3. Poetry? For me? *tacklehugs*

    I'm gonna keep you kay? I'll get you a nice pretty box, and even put holes in it so you can breathe.

    And you can be my boxy poet and I will call you Bob.


    *wonders why her stalkers never hang around*

  4. My sweet, sweet Khi,

    You got the package I sent didn't you? I hope so, because I'm still having trouble finding the proper words. Plus if I drink any more, it may loosen my tongue too much, and some things are best reserved for when we're alone. ;)

    This marks the final day that I keep my identity a secret. I can't wait for you to know who I am so I may finally find out if you'll accept me into your heart, as I've accepted you into mine.

    I would attempt to write you more poety, but lets be honest, mere words can not match your beauty. No verse could do you justice, so I shall not even try, lest I sully you and gain your disdain.

    With the knowledge that you are a beacon of light to my shadowed heart, for now I bid you adieu. Tomorrow, we can be together.

    With love and adoration,
    Your secret admirer.