Sunday, January 24, 2010

OMFG There's a Chick in Vent!


While most things related to being a female and playing online games have been covered in blog posts over and over, the one I've found to be the most annoying and frequent seems to be a little underwritten.

If you're a girl raider, you probably have experienced something similar. You're in a raid, getting ready to (or in the process of) kicking ass. For some reason or another though, you find it necessary to speak up in vent. If you're in a good guild run, not a big deal normally. In a PuG... Oh dear =(

A recent example perhaps. Was doing ToC 25 on the little druid this past week with a PuG I joined at Twins. We downed them and moved onto Anub. As we were charging in, tank starting to throw things at the boss, I realized no one had mentioned ice. Here, I was faced with two choices:
  1. Assume the raid all knows what they're doing, and a ranged dps or three is already planning to take care of that little problem. 
  2. Assume that this is in fact a Stonemaul PuG, and that we're all going to die horrible deaths screaming in agony. 

Pretty obvious choice eh? So little old me speaks up in vent. "Who's knocking down the ice?" A few seconds of silence, then: "Are you a white chick?" "Um, maybe?" "Oh good. I've been trying to find one on WoW all day."

First of all, come on. We're in a raid fight, and I'm asking an important question. Secondly, WTF? If you were going for hitting sexist and racist in one sentence, you might have made it there. And I had to ask my question again -.-

And for the record, we did die horrible deaths screaming in agony. Ever seen a tree scream? I't's not pretty.

To be fair, the blame isn't always on the 12 year old boys that freak out in vent when they hear a voice that's higher than theirs. The girl that spends the entire raid flirting with various people in vent? Yeah, you've probably encountered her too.

In yet another 25 ToC pug, this one a few months back, there was such a woman girl. From the moment she logged into vent, she was giggling at every 'amusing' comment one of the boys made, and dropping flirtatious lines left and right. It was obviously annoying some, but enough of the group found her entertaining, and so she kept on.

For the unaware, this type of girl is often bad. And not good bad, I mean bad like dying to fire on Gormok. And then poison on the worms. AND trample on Icehowl. (And yes, she did get 2 battlerezzes. Did you know it was possible for someone to bat their eyelashes verbally? I'm pretty sure that's what happened.)

At this point, I was so ashamed of my gender that I was considering a sex change. Not really. But there was no way in hell I was going to talk in vent after everyone being subjected to this stunning example of the fairer sex. I mean, it would take alot. Such as no one doing interrupts on JarJar. >.>

If there's one good thing about being a woman in voice chat, it's that everyone shuts up when you start talking.

So got JarJar interrupts handled, and I retreat back to my little silent hidey spot. Except when people were calling out different and just plain wrong orders on Faction Champs. So again little Khi steps up and starts doing what I do best: Ordering people around. FC died, and I managed to stay silent for the rest of the run.

After the raid, one of the pugs sent me a tell remarking on the fact that I was such a different example of a female raider than the one that had taken up most of the attention that night. But what he didn't seem to get is that the majority of the women that play WoW are normal players. Anyone that tries to say that girls are worse/better at this game is pretty full of it. Or trying to start something.

That said, the girl players that seem to get the most attention are those like our little pug damsel of my distress. Making a bad name for all us kick ass ladies =(

The boys and the girls need to grow up a bit sometimes.


And yes Koris, that is the girl you're thinking of. Good news she seems to have disappeared since them =)

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