Thursday, January 28, 2010

Low Level LFD

It sometimes rocks. It's a different way to level. At times, it's almost instant queues, no matter what role.

But let's face it. People are still learning their classes for the most part, and it sucks.

You've all seen the melee hunter.

You may have heard of the warrior that rolls on +int gear.

But I have found something so special, so unique, I'd bet my hat it's something you've not come across before.

Yes, yes I am indeed speaking of the ranged rogue.

Daggers and swords are too lowly for this fine fellow. Instead, he turns to his weapons of choice: the white vendor throwing knives!

With these trusty blades in hand, he can relax back by the (non-melee thank you very much) hunter and the healer, and casually toss the (slighly less dangerous than baby rabbits) razors of death.

From this positioning, he's just in the right place to be out of immediate danger, has a lovely view of the fight, and can be just lazy enough to enjoy a beer, a cig, or other less mentionable out of game leisure activities.

Boss fight after boss fight, this creative dwarf looks combat in the eye and knows no fear. (He'll also never know the joy of being above the healer on the dps meters, but meh, what's that worth?)

A word of caution though... If you are indeed planning to go out and employ this clever instancing strategy, beware: for some reason, the other people in your party often become increasingly hostile, and often resort to drastic measures to prevent you from showing off your epic throwing skills. I heard a rumor that once such a rogue even got kicked from the group =(

*toddles off to queue again*

Don't let the sarcasm bite you on the way out!


  1. I had never heard of this rare specimen until you mentioned! I had seen the melee hunter (being of a more common sort), I had heard of the warrior, but this one was unheard of to me!


  2. @Anea & @ Keeva Yeah... At first, I was so stunned I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing. After the healer started bitching at him I realized that it wasn't me lagging or going blind, and he really really was >.<

  3. Ahaha.. I've seen the hunter who thinks they're better than the tank and then oops out of arrows hehe. The paladin who needs on EVERYTHING regardless. And the mage who won't give the other guy water because, this is the kicker, the other guy is Swedish! Right.

    Aside from these strange characters, I'm loving low level LFD :D