Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Tip

We've all been there... You, or someone else, sends one of your characters a massive amount of mail, and it's going to take hours (okay, maybe not quite) for you to pull it all out of the mailbox. Pages and pages of full mailings, 12 items deep in each... So many clicks!

Want to know a secret? There's a shortcut.

Shift-left click on the box that appears in your basic mail window. When mousing over the box, it tells you how many items are attached to that one mailing. But by shift clicking on the mail, it will automatically pull every item out of that batch (as long as you have bag space) and drop it in your inventory.

This was actually something I didn't know for several years, and only started using it recently when my brother made a comment about me doing mail the long way. =)

Even with only a single item in the mail, this shortcut saves you a click... With a full mail of 12 items, it saves quite a bit more.

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